Kouri Marshall for Congress

Meet Kouri Marshall

Growing up in Illinois, Kouri Marshall was raised in a single parent household in a neighborhood that was riddled with poverty and violence. Kouri witnessed first hand the stifling impact that living in a struggling community could have on a family economically. But he also witnessed the fruits that unvarnished determination could yield through watching his mom work low wage jobs – which later enabled her to purchase their family home in a middle class neighborhood. He believes her story is too rare in America and that it is the role of the government to help empower those seeking to escape the clenching grips of poverty.

Driven by the pursuit of possibility, Kouri attended Eureka College – President Ronald Reagan’s alma mater – where he was elected as the first African American Homecoming King in the 150-year history of the college. He studied communications and philosophy so that he could one day advocate for folks who live in communities similar to the one he grew up in.

Kouri Marshall for Congress

During the 2012 cycle, Kouri worked for President Obama’s re-election campaign as the District of Columbia State Director. And in 2015, he was appointed as the Executive Director of Democratic GAIN, a progressive political association with 42,000 members. Through hard work and dedication, Kouri carved a path for himself working as an advocate for social and economic justice and fighting for equal opportunities and fair representation for all.

Inspired by the spirit of giving, Kouri hosted annual holiday toy drives for low-income children in D.C.. This would later be the catalyst for toy drives in Chicago and laid the foundation for ChiGivesBack, Inc., which started as a toy drive and has blossomed into generating over $2.5 million dollars in resources for low-income families living in the Chicago area. Kouri also served in the executive office of Governor JB Pritzker, working on a range of issues including diversifying state agencies and facilitating the appointments process.

Now, Kouri is setting his sights on the ultimate platform for change: the U.S. Congress.

Motivated by his desire to address the systemic issues that have plagued his state and country, Kouri is determined to be the voice of the people who have for too long been ignored or overlooked.

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Kouri Marshall for Congress
As a non-profit leader, Kouri knows the value and importance of local leadership and development in building healthy, thriving communities. Kouri is the co-founder of ChiGivesBack, a nonprofit that has generated over $2.5 million in resources for low-income families in the Chicago region.
Kouri Marshall for Congress
Kouri believes that it is a human right to choose what they do with their bodies and that a person holds the exclusive right on how they govern their reproductive health system. Married to a reproductive health physician, he has unique insight into the perils of our US healthcare system.

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Kouri aims to be a transformative force, bringing hope, opportunity, and positive change to the people he serves. Once in office, his top priorities include:

  • Making sure that reproductive rights are protected – including access to abortion and contraceptive healthcare.
  • Working to protect and strengthen food security programs like SNAP, WIC and CHIP. Ensuring that every kid has access to a good education and every teacher is paid what they’re worth.
  • Making healthcare accessible and affordable for all.
  • Fighting for common sense gun safety laws and investing in mental health services to keep our communities safe.
Kouri Marshall for Congress